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Burnt Face Man 7 Burnt Face Man 7

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

just epical, this is a classic and im still lollll

there should be 250 episodes of burnt face man, its just too funny to end it... but it seems to be ended :( got to love that sombrino voice ... it sounds like its in 2 bit 2500khz :P or a modem connection speaking!

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Burnt Face Volgin Burnt Face Volgin

Rated 4 / 5 stars

that was perfect, no way!

this is insane, its like watch burnt face man, salad finger and metal gear at the same time but with accurate reactment! any one who saw all 3 knows this is flawless merging!

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Pandemic II Pandemic II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ingenious idea! Humanity Overcome!

i did it in over 370 days using a parasite and i got saved from the vaccine mutating me! it was between vaccine ending my game and me finding a way to continue a bit more... the mutation making me immune to vaccine assured my victory... well aside i did infect EVERY ONE before transit closure and before the vaccine was complete (vaccines almost or just never works if you are already infected AND usually does more damage) at the last sec, i did an upgrade... if this contributed to the protective mutation against vaccine or not is hard to "TEST" BUT logically, i mutated before the vaccine was tested making the vaccine useless again... weather this was realism or luck i wish i knew BUT i can say that this game is unique and not for the weak minded drones i just Overcame(Humans)... if you play this, your mind needs to know morals and common sense PLUS it also needs to be able to prioritize on what traits to put and remove... being a parasite, every thing was time critical to the point where you need to prepare strength before infection or kill power... and visibility NEEDS to be down to 0 untill every one has it... and even till they start making a vaccine... (once they are making one, you can't instigate anything more; hence making it the deadly vomit cannon of skin pealing hearth stopping and bleeder is now open!)

the only flaw of this game is that it takes an enormous amount of time (well for parasites...) to prepare your self... cause out of 370+ days, i had 0 death till day 260; hence i only had 110 "killing days" but that is the strategies of the illness; you give it to every one, THEN make it dangerous! SO all i had to start was fever, removed sweating and had heat and moisture 1 and airborne(was free from cuba with heat)... i upgraded every resistance to 2 quite quick and had 3 in drugs (drugs needs to be high since when the vaccine is on, it is your life bar literally!) with those simple steps, most classes can make it out alive quite well... but i also made it spread around with airborne plus waterborne and rodents plus insects... the cheaper ones were first BUT if you think your going any where with lethality... it is probably back to the main menu or where ever it sends you when you lose... and not to other "continents"... like since the illness is safe enough so every one can catch it, then every one will gladly spread it around... but if it is lethal or visible, you lost... you did not have trouble, you literally lost!

this game only misses a few things... 2 more speed settings (higher preferably! but a real time one might look interesting for the last 20 guys or so lol) and also needs some form of ecosystem and money plus funds for each country! this way you fight the funds as well, the disasters would "COST" AND some of them might bring the disease in! (waterborne + flood = lots of unwanted diseases!) and those disasters seams to not take that many lives... i would think that a flood or a hurricane would devastate some what the landscape for a few deaths worth and definitely not good for humanity in any ways... now for that ecosystem... you only need major animal populations and food chains, bird flocks patterns (there migrations brings devastations)

hence over all; this game is a NEW type of game where the gameplay is entirely made of strategic anticipation from people and reactions (notice how it is too late to burn the bodies when they start?) and what symptoms you need at what time...

THIS GAME WILL NOT MAKE YOU A GENETICIAN but might make you good at making up death scenarios using upgradable bio weapons... the only problem is that your string of bio will remain the same no matter how you evolve the one in the lab... so the already infected will not gain symptoms unless they get the new strain...AND might be immune by now...the game has no delivery methods other than nature hence any one thinking bio-terrorist training is probably too slow to know that this at most will make you wash your hands more or be careful with dead animals or be more cautious with bugs... nothing too world changing... ;P

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Freeway Fallguy Freeway Fallguy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

slow but fun enough! room for more speed(3-6X)

to sum it up... i easily did 17001 score with the Pedal to the metal... i bet doing 25000 is possible! (well seams) AND the "just because you can" lines are funny considering flooring it lol but in my case it WAS GOOD AND I SHOULD lol!!! if i ever do close to 25k in this, you better up the high score to at least 20k! well to make it EpicSlayer7.666 proof... tho i am not particularly great at games, that is all i do hence i could of taken 6 times more speed and at least 3 times is still playable.

now if things actually came up dynamically instead of preplanned, a infinite run stage could be cool... tho music videos would be dangerous if unplanned... specially with car crashes on the menu! (and you have all entity made, all is left is a dynamic way to spread them around the pave, the only rule absolutely required is at least one lane MUST be "Passible" at all times and the rest can flex more...)

final word; faster, good enough!